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potable aqua water purification kit

this kit contains potable aqua water purification
tablets for the emergency disinfection of drinking
water, and p. a. plus which neutralizes the iodine
after-taste and color of the water treated with
potable aqua. the kit also contains a stand-alone
collapsible water bottle and comes in a convenient
case. when looking to quench your thirst outdoors,
look no further than the potable aqua travel kit.

potable aqua kit: $12.80 - order now

potable aqua with p.a. plus

it makes drinking water safe with a two step treatment process. in step #1
tablets are used to disinfect the questionable drinking water and make it
bacteriologically suitable to drink. after p. a. tablets have treated the water,
add p. a. plus neutralizing tablets to remove the iodine taste and color.

potable aqua plus: $9.80 - order now

potable aqua emergency drinking water tablets

when drinking water is of questionable quality, use potable aqua
germicidal tablets to make most water bacteriologically suitable for drinking.
confidently trusted by those who have to know - militaries, relief organizations,
and campers everywhere. safe, drinkable water ... anytime. anywhere.

potable aqua tablets : $5.80 - order now

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proki potassium iodide radiation protection
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potassium iodide - $18.75
rad block potassium iodide radiation blocking tablets
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potassium iodide - $20.80
potable aqua water purification tablets
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potable aqua - $12.80
expedition first aid medical kit

83 pc first aid - $34.80
56 piece osha approved first aid medical kit
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56 pc first aid - $23.80
extra large
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125 pc first aid - $49.80
foil emergency and shock blankets
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heat blankets - $5.95
damage to your ears is easily prevented with earplugs
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ear protection - $2.80
sting eze insect reliefsun and bug lotion is a sunblock and insect repellent in one
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insect relief- $3.80
nbc chemical gloves
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heavy gloves - $8.80