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Standard Unitized First Aid Medical Kits

North brand unitized first aid kits are available in 40 and 120 unit sizes. The contents of each standard assortment has been carefully selected on the basis of past usage and anticipated need for most general industrial and emergency situations. Sturdy mountable metal container.

Each carton is color-coded for quick identification:
Yellow = Bandages \ Red = Burns \ Blue = antiseptics \ Green = special

Graphically presented instructions assist in the proper application of each item. Cartons are easily identified by lot number and expiration date, providing traceability and compliance with FDA requirements. Clear plastic wrapping on each package maintains cleanliness ad minimizes the possibilty of moisture damage. Unit packages are held together in a highly organized arrangement, like books on a shelf. Kits meet or exceed ANSI Z308.1-1998 standards.

60 Piece Kit: $49.80 - Order Now
140 Piece Kit: $134.80 - Order Now

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