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Escape hood gas masksmical agents
Potassium iodide and gas masks
SGE NBC Gas Masks
Evolution 1000
The best escape hood on the market, reusable, compact size, protects against NBC agents & fire unlike most gas masks
Sale $127.50 reg. $179
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ProKI potassium iodide
For Radiation Emergencies
Proven Effectiveness

100ct as low as $14.06
We beat ALL KI prices
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SGE Gas Masks
Brand new state-of-the-art design, affordable and reliable NBC protection. Trusted Worldwide
From $113 compare at $200+
We stock all SGE gas masks
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Most Requested Preparedness Products - Click item for complete details
MicroMax Protective Suit - with integral hood and boots, $18.80
Raditect 2  portable passive radiation detector
Raditect II - Early warning radiation alarm w/PC interface, $278
Scape Biochemical escape hood mask system for 3yrs to adult
Child & Adult Scape Escape Hoods - NBC tested and proven gas masks $224.80
Pet Safe NBC keeps all your pets safe from biochemical threats
Pet-Safe - Protect your best friend, proven design, $348.50
Family first aid medical kit
Family Medical Kit - First aid essentials in a soft case, $39.80
M-95 gas masks
M95 Gas Masks - ProKI priced below wholesale, $174.50
M-95 M95 10yr NBC Gas Mask Filter Cartridges
M95 10yr NBC Filter - Best filter available for all gas masks $39.99
Potable Aqua water purification tablets
Potable Aqua - Instant drinking water tablets & kit, $12.80
MSA Advantage 1000 gas masks
Advantage 1000 - Gas masks trusted by police depts, $224.50
Foil emergency and shock blankets
Emergency Blanket - A truely essential survival item, $5.95
MSA NBC Biochemical escape hood mask system
Response Escape Hood by MSA - Compact and reliable protection, $178.50
Evolution Escape hood has filters for both fire and nuclear, biological and chemical agents
Evolution 1000 - NBC and Fire/Smoke use gas masks$127.50

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