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jogos que ganha dinheiro de verdade no pagbank

msa advantage 1000 gas mask
msa advantage 1000 mask
msa is the same company that supplied the u.s. forces in
operation desert storm. msa defense equipment has shipped
more than 7.5 million chemical-biological & nuclear protective masks
to military forces around the world. msa has over 80 years
of experience in defense equipment engineering. the advantage
1000 is a flexible,one piece polyurethane lens bonded to a durable
hycar rubber facepiece. dual canister mounting system. 6 point
elastic head harness. nose cup helps minimise fogging. compatible
with handheld radios with optional esp communication system
accessory (not included). protection against cn,cs, p100
particulate efficiency level,and particulants. also protects against
dmmp,gb,ac, hcn, oc ck.chemical and biological agents
(anthrax). we only sell brand new msa masks with a
2 year factory warranty.

msa adv-1000 kit - $288.99 - order now
above kit includes: new approved mask, side cap
& 1 advantage cartridge (nbc / cba / rca niosh approved)

msa adv-1000 mask only - $249.99 - order now

msa advantage 1000 nbc gas mask filters
advantage filter - $44.50 - order now
3 pack - $119.97 (save $13.53) - order now
6 pak - $232.50
(save $34.50) - order now
msa filters (for advantage 1000/3200)
-designed for protection against chemwarfare gases
-used by the us military and numerous government agencies
-particulate filter is over 99.99% efficient against all particulates and is
appropriate for protection against biological aerosols.
- rated for full nuclear biological and chemical protection
-slim profile (not 40mm nato threaded- fits only msa adv-1000 mask & msa adv-3200 mask)
- limited civilian supplies are being released by the manufacturer
-permissable canister for p100/cs/cn - tc-14g-0235
- mine safety appliances co. (msa) part# 817588
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msa 40mm filter adapter kit allows the use of standard nato filters
msa 40mm filter adapter kit
the msa advantage 1000 and msa advantage 3200 gas masks use an
msa proprietary filter style referred to as 'bayonet' style. this adapter kit is made
by msa to convert these masks to accept the standard nato 40mm threaded
filters like the msa optifilter and the classic m-95.

msa 40mm adapter kit - $28.99 order now

msa optifilter cba/rca nbc gas mask filters
msa optifilter gme-p100
optifilter gme-p100

- the best msa filter you can buy- 50% more carbon than other
premium filters & more niosh approvals than any other filter!!

- full protection against all known biological and chemical agents
- third party tested against chemical warfare gases
-particulate filter is over 99.99% efficient against all particulates and is
appropriate for protection against all biological aerosols
- exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and low breathing-resistance.
- niosh approved for: p100/ov/cl/hc/sd/am/ma/cd/hs/fm/hf/cs/cn
- manufactured in a sealed foil bag
- p/n 10024850 single/#47 case
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msa esp ii voice amplifier
attaches in seconds w/spring loaded clips. features simple pushbutton on/off switch and failsafe switch that turns unit off when removed. runs on 2 x aaa batteries (included) and is lightweight, small and rugged.

amplifies any voice much louder than the built-in voice emitter diaphragm
for much more recognisable speech (especially with radios)

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the msa polycarbonate outsert lens protects from flying debris
msa polycarbonate outsert lenses
these 'outsert' lenses attach to the outside of the msa advantage 1000 gas mask. these masks have a soft lens which may fail if damaged by schrapnel or flying debris- the hard polycarbonate lens prevents damage without sacrificing comfort or optical properties. available in clear or tinted.

msa outsert lens - clear - $38.99 order now
msa outsert lens - tinted - $43.99 order now

regular eyeglasses break the seal of a gas mask, special frames must be worn
msa prescription lens frames
ordinary glasses break the seal of a mask and can't be worn.
these lenses are made by msa specifically for the advantage 1000 and
fit completely inside the mask. frames only, lenses are made to fit.

msa advantage 1000 frames - $58.99 order now

mask storage/carrying bags
specifically designed for use with gas masks, these bags all feature belt loops as well
as shoulder straps. enough room for a mask, filter, and maybe a few other pieces
of gear. we have the infinity premium drop-leg pouch, the new blackhawk tactical and
the commando od green. from $53.99 to just $16.99, the choice is yours.

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