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Black Hawk gas mask bag - front view
Tactical Drop-Leg Carrier
Black Hawk Tactical Mask Bag is  simply the best available
Infinty Carrier: $38.99 - Order Now
Infinty Carrier XL: $46.99 - Order Now
Black Hawk gas mask bag - rear view
The Infinity drop-leg gas mask carrier is constructed of tough tactical nylon. It may be used with the included shoulder strap, directly on a utility belt, or in a drop-leg tactical setup. Velcro loops, straps and D-rings allow for full-adjustment in a variety of setups. Features snap-tight plastic clasps and velcro closures. The Infinity carriers are available in two sizes; regular which will fit a mask, filter and maybe another small item, and the XL size with extra room for a second filter or other essentials. Our Best Premium Pouch Value!

Black Hawk gas mask bag - front view
Black Hawk Tactical

Black Hawk Tactical Mask Bag is  simply the best available
ProKI Low price: $53.99 - Order Now
Black Hawk gas mask bag - rear view
The Black Hawk bag is the ultimate in versatility and modern design. It features a
stiff strap for your belt loop and an adjustable leg strap, keeping the bag tight to your leg.
Made of extremely durable tactical nylon. Velcro and snap-latches close the top of the
main pocket that has room for a mask and filter. Small Velcro outside pocket. Two D-rings
for the included wide shoulder strap or anything with a snap-clips. Highly adjustable
rear straps allow for a custom fit for any situation or body shape. Small, light, and tough!

Surplus British military gas mask bag - front view
Commando Military Surplus
British Military gas mask bags are tough, versatile and economical
ProKI Low price: $16.99 - Order Now
Surplus British military gas mask bag - rear view
Surplus military bags are unused and unissued, in like new condition. Featuring
multiple interior compartments and 'strap-downs' as well as a medium sized exterior pocket.
Velcro and button enclosures keep the contents secure. It has wide belt loops for regular and military style belts as well as a shoulder strap. A small special pocket holds a string tie to
secure the bag to the leg. Made of tough nylon material. Numerous pockets and generous
size make this a great emergency bag for a mask, filter and some essential survival gear.