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raditect ii is an early warning radiation alarm designed to let you know when
unnatural levels of radiation are present, much like a smoke alarm. it will run for
years unattended, as it runs on its own internal long life battery
raditect 2  portable passive radiation detector
1. background calibration - raditect will calculate "normal" background radiation for your area.
this feature will help stop false alarms and is unique to raditect.

2. tested precision instrument: each meter is subjected to rigorous endurance testing supervised by
a certified nrc licensed lab. each unit receives its own serialized test certificate.

3. all radiation types: reliably measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation.

4. built in 90db alarm

5. low power consumption: the built-in battery lasts up to three years, and can be easily replaced by a 9v battery.

6. pc software menu control: an easy-to-understand menu guides you through all functions.

7. data storage: radiation monitor continuously stores recorded pulses in internal memory.

8. evaluation by computer: specially designed software included with raditect ii allows data
download and evaluation on your laptop or pc.
9. compact design: raditect geiger counter is shock resistant, compact, light, and easily fits in your hand or pocket.
10. event dose calculation - if an alarm event occurs, raditect will store the radiation dose that was received during
the event (beginning and end of elevated levels). this will give you the ability to make an assessment of your future risk.

11. user selectable integration times

12. lcd with qualitative information - raditect's most powerful feature. it reports radiation levels as normal, elevated, warning/unnaturally high, danger /long term, danger/ short term, or fatal/ short term using a lcd display. it also indicates weather the radiation is increasing or decreasing and the rate. this will provide guidance to both experienced and inexperienced users as to how to deal with the emergency. no other device provides this type of information.

13. output rs-232 serial port active x control for remote pc 13. output rs-232 serial port active x control for remote pc control and monitoring - allows you to set up a
network of monitoring stations

14. extremely large range - raditect will detect radiation from 0 to 1000 rad/hr.
many other detectors will stop working at 10 rad/hr or less.

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how can raditect help? many people think that a nuclear attack means instant
death for everyone. it's true that anyone within a few miles of a nuclear blast wouldn't
survive. however, there are many types of nuclear emergencies like power plant sabotage
and dirty bombs that would present a long-term health risk, not immediate annihilation.

not immediate annihilation.
consider the following hypothetical case: it is 2:00 am and you and your family are asleep. the nuclear power plant near you is
attacked. a large plume from the attack is released due to a zirconium fire at one of the plant锟絪 spent fuel pools. raditect goes
off from the noble gases that are released (which are not harmful). this will probably happen before the plume reaches you.
authorities are notified. you wake up from the alarm and turn on the news. you have an early warning and can escape before the
plume reaches you. remember that inhalation of nuclear material is your largest risk. your chances of long-term health problems
due to exposure are reduced. this example is only one of many where raditect would be helpful. note that it is impossible to
predict how and where nuclear material will be dispersed. there are also cases where raditect would not be able to give you
advanced warning. if you are upwind from the source, radiation levels may not get high enough for raditect to alarm.
the good side of this is that when you discover that there is a nuclear emergency and your raditect has not alarmed,
you will know that you have not been exposed. you will be able to leave the area and be less concerned about your future
health risks. why should you buy raditect? without a radiation detector, you will have to depend solely on the limited
resources of the authorities to monitor your area, determine your risk level, decide the best protective action and then
'get the word out' to you. exclusively depending on others to monitor, evaluate, warn and advise you in a rapidly
developing nuclear emergency would surely not be most beneficial to you and your loved ones. when authorities are warning of
radiation fallout not yet present in your location, raditect will enable you to confirm that the suggested protective action
is in fact reducing your exposure and not inadvertently increasing it.
proki low price is just $239.80 (includes pc cable and software) - order now

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