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MSA MCU-2P masks are usually issued to Air Force and Navy - especially pilots

US Military MCU-2P Mask Kit

Made by MSA, which is known for making the highest
quality masks on the market, and that currently supplies
most of our US military branches. These models were supplied
to the US Forces around the globe. No longer in production,
these masks are highly desired for their strong and tight
grip as well as their super-slim lines. Unlike the
MSA Advantage 1000
, these masks use a NATO 40mm filter
and have a microphone pickup (without mic), a ballistic
polycarbonate outer lens, and a drinking straw attachment.
Six-point adjustable harness zip-pulls snug and quick
releases. Also features an effective voice emitter for eased communication. Will accept any 40mm NATO threaded filter.
These come in a full kit with a carrying bag, sealed filter,
sealed hood, removeable hard lens cover. As with any
surplus masks, we cannot warranty them, and they may
have slight scratches or imperfections. Limited quantities
in stock, surplus items are strictly subject to market availability

MSA MCU-2P Kit - $189.80 - Sold Out / Recalled

Gas Mask filters - M-95, Scott MPC, NTC-1, MSA, P-100 and more.
M-95, MPCplus & NTC-1 filters
Have been tested and approved for use against industrial gases such as
Organic Vapors, Ammonia, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Methylamine.
They also protect against all known chemical and biological warfare agents and
have exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and efficiency as well as a
low breathing resistance. Can be used with any 40mm NATO style masks.
NBC / CBA / RCA approved Click here to read more.