qual site de aposta paga mais rápido

qual site de aposta paga mais rápido

qual site de aposta paga mais rápido

dp (domestic preparedness) gas mask features a drinking system and full polycarbonate face shield
  • full face mask respirator for use with filters or supplied air.
  • heavy duty use, full time exposure, long term work in areas requiring very high protection levels.
  • the face piece can be used with hardhats and hearing protection halo-butyl rubber compound material for great resistance against a wide variety of substances, including chemical and biological warfare agents.
  • panorama view visor mechanical diaphragm for good voice transmission.
  • can easily be fitted with optional smalltalk microphone and loudspeaker
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dp gas mask kit $163.50 - order now
order 3 kits $480.00 - order now


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smalltalk electronic voice communication device
  • communicate freely without removing your respirator
  • clear voice communication through a light-weight, unobstructive loudspeaker
  • long-lasting standard 9v battery. widely available, easy to change
  • long-lasting standard 9v battery. widely available, easy to change
  • pocket-sized amplifier/loudspeaker
  • rugged construction, designed to withstand temperature, vibration, impact, dust and spray
  • thin, flexible cable — can be worn inside clothing
  • the microphone is mounted in the exhalation valve cap (sundtsröm model) or in the protective cap at the speech diaphragm (sea full mask model) of the respirator, which means that it can be attached and removed without any permanent modification or intrusive alteration of the respirator
  • the loudspeaker unit can be clipped onto a breast pocket, waist belt or shoulder strap
smalltalk device $68.50 - order now

filter canisterfilter canister
1 filter retainer & 5 pack of hepa pre-filters

$6.50 - order now

gas mask filters - m-95, scott mpc, ntc-1, msa, p-100 and more.
have been tested and approved for use against industrial gases such as organic vapors, ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, methylamine. they also protect against all known chemical and biological warfare agents and have exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and efficiency as well as a low breathing resistance. can be used with any 40mm nato style masks. nbc / cba / rca approved.
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specifically designed for use with gas masks, these bags all feature belt loops as well as shoulder straps. enough room for a mask, filter, and maybe a few other pieces of gear. we have the infinity premium drop-leg pouch, the new blackhawk tactical and the commando od green. from $53.99 to just $16.99, the choice is yours.
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