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handheld pocket radiation meter

pocket-size radiation meter

pocket-size radiation meter

-state-of-the-art technology (we do not export this item)
- portable and accurate
- runs on 9v battery
- simple 1-button operation
- don?t rely on tv/radio for your personal safety
- suitable for lab, gov't or military applications
battery operated portable radiation meter, compact size, very accurate, runs of standard 9v battery. for use as a personal monitor for potential radiation exposure. how would you know? find out before you see it on cnn. this meter is also excellent for scanning lab work areas, clothing, masks, food and water for traces of radioactivity. this unit features simple one-button operation and a unique logarithmic scale. audible clicking increases with the amount of background radiation. alarm sounds at 20 mr/hr and increases in frequency in proportiono to the radiation level. (9v battery is included) - remember to have spares on hand. specs: range 0.1 - 10 mr/hr and 1-100 usv/h capable of detecting minuscule amounts of gamma, beta or x-rays.
measurements: 6-5/8? x 3-1/4? x 1-3/8? total weight only 8.5 oz.

pocket radiation meter: $248 - order now

raditect 2  portable passive radiation detector

raditect ii radiation monitor and alarm
- detects various kinds of dangerous radiation
- the smartest and easiest way to check for radiation
- constantly monitors the environment, not buried in a closet
for use only after notification of your exposure to radiation
- runs 3 years on replaceable internal 9v battery
- led readout of essential data (dose/effect/level direction)
- variable audible alarm the increases with exposure

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raditect radiation monitor

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cobra hh28 handheld cb radio

cobra hh28 handheld 40 channel cb radio
- precise electronic tuning quickly and accurately tunes all 40 cb channels
- rugged, stylized design for sport, recreational and emergency use
- maximum fcc allowable radio frequency (rf) output (4 watts) to insure maximum range
- batteries for portable use and 6 foot dc power cord (provided) for in vehicle use
- high efficiency flexible antenna
- indicator lights to notify when batteries need changing or charging
- clear transmission quality at all speaking levels and from all directions
product requirements: (9) aa batteries if used without power cord (not included)
includes cb radio, antenna, 6 ft. car cord, belt clip and carry strap.

cobra hh28 40 channel cb radio

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cobra wx handheld cb radio

cobra 45 wx cb radio
- snap on battery system allows replacement of standard or rechagable ni-cad batteries.
- 4-watt power output is the maximum allowed by law.
- 10 noaa weather channels gives instant access to the weather, 24hrs / 7 days.
- dual watch/full channel scan provides simultaneous monitoring of
2 preselected channels and scans all channels.
- 6 memory locations allows storage of 6 most frequently used frequencies or channels.
- memory scan scans 6 memory locations
- 5 digit frequency counter tracks the frequency as well as the channel number.
- high/low power switch reduces power consumption by up to 75% to extend battery life.
- full featured lcd display provides needed infromation including s/rf power meter.

includes: dc power cord, lock key, flexible antenna, and belt clip.

the cobra 45wx is truly the ultimate in handheld cb's. no other cb gives you so
many state-of-the-art features in such a convenient, light weight, ultra-compact design.

cobra 45 wx cb radio

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civil defense handheld radiation meter

civil defense radiation meter
- detects various kinds of dangerous radiation
- extremely rugged and durable, with easy-use handle
- has a circuit check feature for self-diagnosis
- has a zeroing feature for accurate measurements
- inexpensive way to protect yourself from attack or meltdown
- as with all surplus gear, units may have some slight marks or defects
-still used by many states and agencies around the us

cd radiation meter

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we're unable to find a supply in good condition.

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