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Gas Masks and safety equipment from ProKI
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Surplus Canadian M-69 C-3 masks are a great value
Canadian M69 C3 Gas Mask

These masks have a very comfortable anti-fog mouth and nose cup
that keeps the lenses from fogging up. The voice-emitter makes it
much easier to communicate with the mask on. The filter canister
screws on the side and can be changed with the mask on. The
elastic and nylon head harness that terminates in a nylon pad at
the back of the head makes this one of the easiest masks to put on.
The deep set round lenses provide for excellent visibility.
5 D-rings for various configurations, and heavy-duty snaps
and clips. These masks are size "Normal" and will provide an
excellent seal for most all adults and teens.
40mm NATO

C-3 M69 NBC Deluxe Kit - $89 - Sold Out / Expired
Kit Includes: New Mask, 1 NEW sealed Canadian NBC
filter, adapter and 1 NEW sealed M-95 NBC filter

Gas Mask filters - M-95, Scott MPC, NTC-1, MSA, P-100 and more.
The M-95, MPCplus & NTC-1 filters

Have been tested and approved for use against industrial gases such as
Organic Vapors, Ammonia, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Methylamine.
They also protect against all known chemical and biological warfare agents and
have exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and efficiency as well as a
low breathing resistance. Can be used with any 40mm NATO style masks.
NBC / CBA / RCA approved Click here to read more.

Mask Storage/Carrying Bags

Specifically designed for use with gas masks, these bags all feature belt loops as well
as shoulder straps. Enough room for a mask, filter, and maybe a few other pieces
of gear. We have the infinity premium drop-leg pouch, the new BlackHawk Tactical and
the Commando OD green. from $53.99 to just $16.99, the choice is yours.

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