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Chemical protective suit - Camo military NBC suit
MK IV Camouflage NBC Military Suits

These suits are for use in Nuclear Biological and Chemical environments and are impregnated with charcoal. Very durable, built for the most rigorous activities. Two piece suit with pants and smock style top. Cuff closures and pull-string adjustments.These suits are vacuum packed in a small and almost hard package. We're currently 'phasing out' the camouflage suits in favor of the more popular solid OD (or olive drab) green suits. Small, Medium and Large. Because of the nature of surplus equipment, we do not recommend these suits for life-threating atmospheres, please refer to a new suit.

Small: up to 5'7" - Medium: up to 5'11" - Large: up to 6'3"
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Woodland Camo NBC Suit NOS: $49.80 - Order Now